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Chris Macias and Megan Beltran join the podcast to discuss the benefits and challenges of the performance level scoring system. Brenda Gonzalez gives five useful tips for successful scoring using the Empower Learning Management System.

Tisha Bradley, Tiffany Laird, Lorena Leon, Manny Sanchez and Joel Martinez talk about avoiding complacency and maintaining a learner centered culture. They discuss strategies for building relationships, making learners feel known, and taking care of

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Nelly Lopez and Ashley Villanueva join the podcast to talk about the creation of Personalized Learning Plans and SMART Goals. They discuss how parents can play a role in the learning process and share strategies

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Kristy Caesar, Guadalupe Alvarez and Bernadette Shelton join the podcast to talk about strategies for starting the school year, building trust with new learners, and developing a Shared Vision and Code of Cooperation.

You’re listening to Lindsay Live, an educational podcast coming to you from Lindsay Unified School District in central California. Lindsay Unified leads a growing surge of school districts transforming the way we approach education in

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Lindsay Unified School District Superintendent Tom Rooney shares powerful true stories of the successes and failures of real Lindsay learners and staff, making the case for a transformation to Performance Based Education.